Monthly Archives: April 2012

The Ugly Meter

If you have ever wondered how badly you were beaten with the ugly stick, there’s a new App for that! It’s called the Ugly Meter and it rates you from one to ten on a scale of hideousness. The makers claim the meter decides your ghoulishness based upon your facial structure.

For this blog post, my initial idea was to display the results of my ugly meter. Then, I decided in this economy it would be reckless to waste 99 cents (or $4.99 for the pro version) on such a pointless application. Plus, I don’t want to be placed on whatever watch list will be put together from this. I’m sure you would be profiled with the likes of Jersey Shore cast members and high school bullies.  Instead, I thought I would use my journalistic skills to find pics of the creators of this app online and see what kind of human being tricks people into paying $5 in order the be degraded. Two dudes created the App. I found the first mug on an online video blog called This is Jo Overline..

Honestly, I pictured someone with a large chin and a Harvard sweatshirt draped over his shoulders. Instead, I found Jo with only 5 Twitter followers and uneven facial hair. According to his own App, Jo rates a 9.8 out of 10 on the ugly scale (which they show in the App Store). As for his partner, Ryan Allen, I found this picture on his Twitter page.

Ryan claims to have scored a 2 on the ugly scale (which is good). Apparently, he thinks he’s  the stud of this dynamic duo. Either way, I thought these guys would be handsome men who enjoyed telling other people they are ugly. Instead, I found two graphic artists who had a gimicky idea, which may have turned them into millionaires. Good for them! I look forward to their next big idea.



I just looked at a release of worst jobs to get into and Broadcaster is #10, and Newspaper Reporter #5! The geniuses at arbitrarily put out this list after interviewing one jaded sports reporter. The website claims “both jobs once seemed glamorous, but on-the-job stress, declining job opportunities and income levels are what landed them on our Worst Jobs list.”

I admit, local news has a lot more competition than it did just a decade ago. There’s plenty of stress. But, what good job doesn’t come with stress. After all, any competitive field will involve a headache or two. The bottom line, I get to meet cool people and talk on TV for a living. I truly would not trade with anyone else. I think the worst job on earth would be writing “Top 20 lists” for random websites that no one clicks on (except me)!

That’s a Man Baby!

This guy from Brazil actually escaped prison by dressing up like a prisoner’s wife. He tossed on a wig, red lip stick and (just for comedic affect) shaved his arms and legs. Prison guards were so mesmerized by his beauty that he walked right out the front door. My favorite part, he’s obviously wearing a bra in the picture!! I’m sure his new cell mate will enjoy that.

So, how did he get caught? Someone spotted him hobbling around in high heels and took a closer look. Rule number one of a prison break: Always wear flats!

Dinner on the Ave.

Courtesy: Winter Park/ Maitland Observer

The famous Troy B ridges and I are honored to be judges at Winter Park’s “Dinner on the Ave.” this Saturday! It should be a fun event to walk around and check out people’s lavish table decorations. I’ll be doing my best Simon Cowell impression and we’re excited to hang out as Winter Park shuts down it’s famous Park Ave while we eat in the middle of the road!

P.S. Tickets sold out the first day!

Everything is Bigger is Dallas!!

You may have noticed I had a few days off last week. One of them was spent holed up at Dallas Fort Worth Airport as big tornadoes rolled through. The pilot landed the plane and told us to get off and quickly take shelter. We found a spot where flight attendants were hiding from the winds. My girls were shaken, but we ended up just fine. Thanks to everyone who sent prayers our way! Here’s some video of tornado damage in that area..

Hangin’ with my Peeps!

If you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids this Easter, I have just the ticket. After the egg hunt and the church service, I recommend Peep jousting. You just need two Peeps and two toothpicks. Stick said picks into Peeps and place the Peeps into the microwave and turn it on. A gory battle will take place. The first peep to draw marshmallow blood wins!