Mad Props!

I’m glad to report a success story out of my “Behind the Kitchen Door” series. We reported on a place called Terrace 390 in downtown Orlando. When we went a few months ago, the restaurant had just received a rough inspection.  The inspector had found 20 critical violations.

I just found out the new Head Chef, Jason, has turned the place around. In their latest inspection, no critical violations were found. Congrats the gang over there!


Senior Class!

Having been born and raised in the great state of Florida, I have heard for years about the issue of sexually transmitted diseases among our seniors. Much of our elderly population consists of folks who are widowed, divorced or just plain lonely. For some reason, seniors often don’t use protection. It’s a serious issue! This is the new PSA to combat it.

Doesn’t that get you excited about aging?? Maybe not, and I truly hope my kids are not in the room when this plays. What do you think? Hilarious,  inappropriate or both?

Undressing The Nudists

A Nudists resort is hoping to open it’s doors, and it’s pants in Cocoa Beach. Many in the community have tried to put a sweater on the resort aptly named, Fawlty Towers. Now, they can only hope to contain it (like a supportive Speedo). The City is talking about ways to keep the patrons under wraps without limiting rights.

It may surprise you to learn nudists have rules too. On property, no one is aloud to take pictures or video (a gift to all Youtube subscribers) and patrons are asked to avoid any provacotive clothing (seriously).  Nudists sometimes believe nudity itself is not sexy, but skimpy clothes are. If you have ever seen video of nudists, you may agree the more skin they show, the less sexy they get. I’ll let you know when you can book your stay!

He Must Take Supplements!

Courtesy: Daily Mail

Some amazing video came out of Russia over the weekend! Here’s a screen shot of a man who got out of his car on the interstate. A car launched him into the air, flipping his body onto the pavement. Incredibly, he only suffered a broken leg! If he comes out with a protein drink, I’m buying it immediately! This dude is made of medal! Here’s the link to the video! I’m glad he’s alright.


Celebrity Sighting!!

This mom from New Jersey is accused of putting her daughter in a tanning bed. She claims her daughter sat outside the tanning bed while mom got her tan on. As I watched her picture run across my TV screen about 200 times this morning, I realized I had seen her before. Does anyone remember “There’s Something About Mary.”

I’m glad to see, she hasn’t aged a bit!


This video freaked me out today! It’s not the fall that messes with my head. This is guy is unhurt. He climbed to the top of the scaffolding, then dropped like a rock about 40 feet down. He got out of the hospital THAT DAY and tried to get back into the concert. I feel like this is the start of a comic book.

The Ugly Meter

If you have ever wondered how badly you were beaten with the ugly stick, there’s a new App for that! It’s called the Ugly Meter and it rates you from one to ten on a scale of hideousness. The makers claim the meter decides your ghoulishness based upon your facial structure.

For this blog post, my initial idea was to display the results of my ugly meter. Then, I decided in this economy it would be reckless to waste 99 cents (or $4.99 for the pro version) on such a pointless application. Plus, I don’t want to be placed on whatever watch list will be put together from this. I’m sure you would be profiled with the likes of Jersey Shore cast members and high school bullies.  Instead, I thought I would use my journalistic skills to find pics of the creators of this app online and see what kind of human being tricks people into paying $5 in order the be degraded. Two dudes created the App. I found the first mug on an online video blog called This is Jo Overline..

Honestly, I pictured someone with a large chin and a Harvard sweatshirt draped over his shoulders. Instead, I found Jo with only 5 Twitter followers and uneven facial hair. According to his own App, Jo rates a 9.8 out of 10 on the ugly scale (which they show in the App Store). As for his partner, Ryan Allen, I found this picture on his Twitter page.

Ryan claims to have scored a 2 on the ugly scale (which is good). Apparently, he thinks he’s  the stud of this dynamic duo. Either way, I thought these guys would be handsome men who enjoyed telling other people they are ugly. Instead, I found two graphic artists who had a gimicky idea, which may have turned them into millionaires. Good for them! I look forward to their next big idea.